Hey guys. So today I’m going to write about the best Jailbreak for Apple TV – 1, 2 and 3! Why jailbreak Apple TV anyway you ask? Well, after the jailbreak you will be able to:

• Install XBMC. If you’re a cable-cutter, this is what you NEED. Get access to dozens of new streaming content sources (some unapproved by Apple). Watch TV channels like ESPN (live and recorded sports) and websites like 1channel.ch (streaming TV shows 1 hour after they’re shown anywhere in the world!).
• Play non-iTunes filetypes like .AVI, .MKV, etc with ATV Flash-Black
• Connect to USB devices and read its files
• Use the RemoteHD application on your iPhone/iPad as an awesome remote for ATV – great for entering text quickly!
• Have a browser on your Apple TV
• Download subtitles for any movie or show with a click of a button

The following jailbreak solutions listed will Jailbreak your Apple TV automatically, in a matter of minutes. The developers always make sure the software is available and functioning for the last iOS versions of AppleTV. The other nice thing these guys have is that they have solutions for all iDevices – iPhones, iPads and even iPod touches. And that’s included in the price!

IMPORTANT NOTE: These sites mostly feature iPhone and iPad jailbreaks on their website, but they contain Apple TV jailbreaking solutions as well! For example, on iJailbreakPro.com the Apple TV Jailbreak appears at the middle of their pricing page – but it’s there! (this is how it looks like):


The Jailbreaking Process

©Image:dreamjb.netThe process is very simple with any of the programs below. You install the program on your computer; connect your AppleTV to your computer with USB; and then just let the program run. You have full step by step instruction guides and a support staff to ask if you have any questions. That’s it, your ATV is now jailbroken.

If you’re really going to Jailbreak your Apple TV, I would NOT suggest to be a hacker and do it all by yourself. This is something I’ve done before – it’s a massive pain in the backside. You also run the risk of wiping your ATV’s data, including all your history and apps. Use one of the following solutions and it all gets done safely and easily, within a few minutes.

Top Apple TV Jailbreaking Software

I’ll go over them – my number 1 and number 2:

Number #1 - iJailbreak Pro (Editor’s choice best Apple TV jailbreak)
These guys are the absolute best when it comes to both the quality of their software and the quality of their support. The jailbreaking process for ATV took under 5 minutes with them and it’s completely safe and reversible. Awesome.

I personally used it to Jailbreak the last generation of Apple TV, as well as the old ATV I had in my bedroom. Worked without a glitch. And they teach you how to do some awesome stuff with it too! It comes free with a lifetime membership and access to all their other devices’ jailbreaking solutions. So that allowed me to Jailbreak my iPhone 4s. Great bonus!

iJailbreak Pro really stood way ahead of the competition in how quickly their support team responded and helped my query. Even though the instructions were pretty easy to follow, I got confused one time (my bad actually) and got in touch with them. Got my answer immediately (and felt silly for asking haha – it was right there in the manual!).

I realized later that the site is run by a guy who wholeheartedly is just a good guy – he wants to help people maximize the value that they get from their Apple iDevices, no matter what they are – and instructs his support staff to ‘never give up’ even on the most technologically challenged clients. That’s great service in my book.

So yeah, the software worked, instructions were easy to follow, the price was good. To sum it up, these guys are at the top of the Jailbreak food-chain, while not being more expensive for it. I rate them 9.5/10. Check out iJailbreakpro.com here

Number #2. Jailbreak Unlock

These guys are another jailbreak solution I’ve used to jailbreak past versions of the ATV iOS so I can recommend them somewhat. They USED TO be my favourite before iJailbreak Pro came onto the scene. Their jailbreaking process was a bit longer to complete at around 15 minutes. That’s OK though.

However I do have a two big issues with them:

• Not great experts on Apple TV – I noticed they don’t publish their ATV jailbreak anywhere on their site anymore – even though they have all the details in their member’s area. I also think because of that they have less ATV clients and their support staff doesn’t have that much expertise with jailbreaking Apple TV which is a different process. They might even stop supporting it one day, which is one thing that worried me – I need to be able to jailbreak again after there is an iOS update!

• Support staff – Speaking of their support, well, I think they can do a lot better. I noticed they only had e-mail support last time I checked. Their phone always got answered by an answering machine instructing me to e-mail for support. And the one time I tried (just for this review) it took longer than 24 hours to reply. Not great if I want to jailbreak ASAP!

Overall, they’re a decent solution if iJailbreak Pro’s site isn’t working and you want to Jailbreak immediately. The instructions are easy to follow and their software solution work. I rate them a 7/10. Click here to check their site out.


There were actually a few other companies offering Apple TV jailbreak packages but they stopped and started focusing more on the big iPhone and iPad markets. So these are the only two around at the moment. My strongest recommendation is still iJailbreak Pro. (read the full review above for more details)

As for me, I’m happy with my Jailbroken ATV, streaming 1channel.ch through XBMC on my HDTV (a lot of acronyms there!). I stopped paying for cable a few months ago and all for the price of one little ATV box, a good jailbreak solution and an internet connection. A jailbroken Apple TV is indeed the cable cutter’s dream :)
All the best setting your Apple TV free, thanks for reading!

Robbie Crowe


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wk18-2So Apple has created an update for Apple TV after all. This is specifically for the second and third generation.  But then, there’s a major setback, it bricked updated devices. Yes, the new Apple TV update version 6.0 was released last Friday, 2 days after IOS was made available but they have to pull it back due to technical reasons. Several Apple TV owners reported that after upgrading to the latest version, the contents were lost. Some reported being unable to download any content even if they have Internet connection and some reported their device got totally bricked.

To those who are new to Apple, bricked is a term used to describe a non-working device. Although a bricked Apple device can be remedied either by restoring to its factory default or going to an Apple-authorized service center, it is still a frustrating experience.

It’s really exasperating when upgrades don’t work, worse when upgrades cause damage.  Upgrades should resolve issues including lack of support and useful features. Major feature updates included on the supposed Apple TV upgrade to version 6.0 includes creating radio station on iTunes Radio, browsing, purchasing and playing music from iTunes Music Store, support for playing video from iCloud as well as AirPlay, synching of Podcasts to the owner’s Apple account, automatic selection of corresponding Subtitle based from the language set on Apple TV, option to have automatic update and the option to transfer network settings from the latest Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 7) to Apple TV.

Well, it looks like just another case of trying to beat the deadline. No big announcements, no advertisements. But when they realized that they left out one important device just because there was a loud demand over the Internet from Apple TV owners, they hurriedly created an update that proved to be a hoax.

This failure in system upgrade scenario is not new to Apple users but then this has created much of hype as this was the first time that reports about bricked device surfaced. Some Apple TV owners are furious about the incident that they are now reportedly thinking of returning their devices, while some hinted on getting the Google TV instead.

Many blogs and forums about this latest incident released an advisory about updating to the latest version, to just wait for any reviews first before attempting to upgrade their own device. This seems to be the proper solution for now, but then it still Apple’s fault why it happened in the first place. Knowing Apple as the leading company that offers this kind of service, people placed their trust on the company.

Just recently, when the survey for this type of device was made, Apple TV showed as the runaway victor followed far behind by Google TV. With issues surrounding the update from Apple, it’s not too far that they might end up losing much of its trust rating, not to mention the effect it will have on its future sales.

This should serve as a lesson for Apple that the next time they release an upgrade especially a major one, an extensive test must be performed to prevent any untoward incidents that will affect their customers.


wk17-10And it seems to be marked with finality – Apple TV, both the second and the third generation will not receive any update as far as the new operating system is concerned. It is understandable if the second generation Apple TV will not receive any upgrade since it might also follow the newly retired iPhone 4 and 5. But then why not include the third generation Apple TV on the supported devices when Apple has not released any successor?

Apple decided to support only three lines of their products: the iPhone (iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5C and iPhone 5S), the iPod (5th generation 16GB, 32GB and 64GB), and iPad (2, iPad with Retina display and mini).

While few features will come soon as lesser updates like the Apple Radio is designed to become available on all Apple products, one thing’s for sure; Apple TV is definitely not applicable to get the latest iOS 7. This considering the fact that the new operating system seems to be designed only for mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

But then the last major operating system upgrade for Apple TV was when the iOS 6 was released exactly a year ago, both for the second and third generations. Included on the last update for Apple TV is the Shared Photo Streams, iTunes account switching, and enhanced AirPlay features.

So the question is, will Apple make any update soon or are they cooking on something that might replace the entire line of Apple TV?

Market Share

Based from the recently released market share report, Apple TV is still the leading the market. At a distant second place is the Google TV which, considering the attention that Google is giving to this device more so with the release of Chromecast, is still unable to surpass the Apple TV. By far, people still consider and still buy Apple TV.

A Looming Replacement

Although there seem to be no straight answer for this issue, Apple insiders rumored about a new product which Apple is zeroing in. Apparently, this has made them so busy that they have not spoken about any new successor for Apple TV. It is yet unclear as to what direction it will pick up since only top engineers are still on the planning stage. Still, another product that’s getting the attention of Apple’s top honcho is the reported iWatch and a new and bigger iPad.

A Complete Jailbreak for Apple TV

Since the fall of last year up to the first half of this year, Apple consistently released bug fixes and updates for iOS 6. It is the current operating system supporting Apple TV. Apple is trying to maintain its promise that Apple TV and the iOS 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 versions will remain completely un-jailbreak-able.

True enough, most of the jailbreak tools initially released is incomplete, running untethered. But then the call of Apple users to have a jailbreak tool for the said iOS was too loud to ignore so hackers decided that it’s about time to release a new jailbreak tool.

And so jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 became available. By the way, hackers and programmers are currently working on a jailbreak tool designed for the latest iOS 7.


wk16-tv3During the last conference held by Apple in its Cupertino office in California last September 10th, they announced the arrival of their two latest mobile phones, iPhone 5C and the much awaited iPhone 5S. This also signals the release of their latest mobile operating system which gives significant advancements of the new and existing Apple devices supported.

Apple said that the following devices will be supported by iOS7: the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5, iPod Touch (5th generation), the iPad 2, iPad (3rd and 4th generation) and the iPad Mini. But the list seems to be lacking one important device. Are they aware that they have another product called Apple TV?

And so many are wondering why Apple TV 3 was not included on the list of Apple devices supported by the latest mobile operating system, iOS 7. Why?

When the new iOS 7 was announced this June, all the hype were focused on the said operating system and the reported two iPhones set to be released September of this year. And yes, Apple seemed to impress and get the nod of everyone that attended the activity following the presentation of the new iPhones.

Classy, elegant, technologically advance structure and features – these were the words that uttered from the people who was shown the new iPhone 5S. Colorful, vibrant and a cheaper iPhone 5 was the description that depicts that of iPhone 5C. And so the list of Apple devices goes on and on. By the end of the presentation, no one seems to notice that the list of devices does not carry Apple TV.

Almost Perfect

So many people are wondering if this the signal of the curtain closing on the so-called un-jailbreakable Apple TV? After Apple’s initial announcement for the latest operating system and iPhone products that happened at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) last June, there were several unconfirmed reports that Apple has decided not to include Apple TV since no one seems to be able jailbreak the system. In fact, after the release of the third generation Apple TV in March of 2012, WWDC has been held twice, yet there has been no update as to whether Apple will release a successor for this device.

Another report is that Apple has not put a new Apple TV design on the drawing board as they are cramming to get back on top as new high-end Smartphones are hitting the market, making more leverage compared to iPhones. Which resulted to Apple pulling the plug on iPhone 5, incidentally at the same time iPhone 4 is scheduled to retire. After the release of the latest iPhones, Apple still has not placed Apple TV on its sights as they are still busy doing final touches on the new addition to the line of idevices, which insiders said will be named iWatch.

Jailbreak for Apple TV 3

Whatever reasons are behind this, Apple needs to move fast as there are looming reports wherein the group of programmers and hackers who created the jailbreak tool for Apple devices are seeking to make a big comeback after the September release of the latest Apple products. On their sight are the much awaited jailbreak of Apple TV 3 and a complete untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 which are needed badly by older devices that are no longer supported by the new operating system.


wk15-7Apple TV 3 remains to be the last Apple device in terms of jailbreaking its mobile operating system. How is it different from the rest of the idevices that it remains untouchable? Apple devices are supported by the same operating system, or iOS, each time a new one arrives. Since iOS 5.1, the main operating system of Apple TV 3, only tethered jailbreak was made available, no  untethered jailbreak tool.

Having an untethered jailbreak is one of the main objectives each time a jailbreak tool is developed for easier use. Untethered jailbreak allows users to restart their device without having the need to connect it to a computer. A tethered jailbreak is the opposite of it – there is a need to connect to a computer for it to boot to its jailbreak state, else it will be restored automatically, removing jailbreak and the apps, themes and extensions that you have downloaded outside App Store.

The new iOS 7 supports most of the latest Apple devices such as the iPhone 4 and later, iPod Touch (5th generation), the iPad 2 and later, and the iPad Mini and drops face blank the support for older devices like iPhone 3GS and the iPod Touch 4th generation. Considering the announcement made by Apple last June at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, it seems that Apple is currently content with the current iOS support for Apple TV 3. As what was previously mentioned, a complete jailbreak has yet to be discovered for this device.

Some say that while Apple TV 3 remains un-jailbreak-able, it seems that leading hackers are not bothered. Why? For the same reason of jailbreak – the ability to integrate all features necessary to entertain users and maximize its full potential and capability. Based from the current workings of Apple TV 3, it could have met most of the criteria set by hackers. This is the same reason why hackers have not touched or made any tweaks on Apple TV 3 with the latest jailbreak tool created for the upcoming iOS 7 version. This could spell the start of something new for Apple, the lesser the problem, the much productive their team can be.

This could also lead to something different in the coming days, as there were unconfirmed reports about the ability of the new iPhone 5C to browse outside App Store. However, there are also rumors that iPhone 5C will not be available to U.S. consumers. Only the iPhone 5S, the original in line successor of iPhone 5 will be made available to U.S. market. This will surely make those budget-conscious people to think twice before deciding on getting the iPhone 5S or not. Still, the official announcement is far from final. Nevertheless, this simple one step could lead to a thousand new things.

But what is certain is that the new operating system will surely not be a part of Apple TV 3, for now. Although there are some unconfirmed reports that a small group of hackers are in the works of making a jailbreak tool for Apple TV 3. Until someone comes up with a jailbreak tool for the TV3, we can expect Apple to keep it as is.


wk14-1Remember Napster, the site that almost broke the music industry and brought it to its knees. Thru Apple TV, Apple is still doing much like the same thing, only that Apple is doing it the right way. The music industry fought piracy which unfortunately what Napster was doing. The idea is somewhat the same with Apple, media streaming and sharing. There are other media streaming and downloading sites that come and go. Some hit wonders while most hit stone walls.

And what separate Apple from the rest? It’s simple yet it’s not – hardware and software support; something that not all other industries are able to provide. And Apple seems to be really enjoying the benefit of non-competition because of this. And the fact that other services, most especially those that are online-based, are embracing Apple’s idea of sharing to the world is another factor. Google’s Chromecast may be doing the same thing, but doing the same does not mean doing the right thing and getting the same output.

The latest additions to Apple’s growing list of content providers include Disney Channel, Disney XD, the Weather Channel, the Smithsonian Channel, and Vevo. By adding Disney channels, Apple has now reached the kids’ market. This is in addition to the current Crunchyroll subscription which is the only app that offers cartoon channel at present and is Japanese anime based. Vevo, on the other hand, brings to Apple its more than 75,000 collection of music videos, all in High Definition. A perfect fit to Qello that offers tons of concert films and music documentaries.

Current content providers of Apple TV include sports, movies, TV shows, and politics. Aside from the initial offer of music downloads only way back when it was initially launched, iTunes now caters to the best of TV shows and is the leading hub for latest movies, sometimes available on the same watch date – all available in HD format.

Other access to TV shows can be provided by Netflix that offers Hollywood blockbusters, classics up to recent releases. And a collection of former current hit shows that is easy to love from ABC, Fox, NBC, Comedy Central, MTV, The CW, and Univision thru Hulu Plus; HBO Go gives you original HBO classics that is really heart-stopping and mind-boggling.

Sports fanatics will definitely enjoy the benefits of ESPN channels that offer the best in the world of sports including access to premier interviews, backstage passes in Buzzer Beater, Goal Line, SportsCenter and PTI. Feel the huddle from training to regular season to the glory days of capturing that elusive title with MLB.TV, NBA.com League Pass, and NHL GameCenter.

Know what’s in and out around the globe with the latest news right in the comforts of your home with Sky News. Know the current standing of your business and investments with Wall Street Journal Live. Be in with the latest craze in the Internet world with YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr.

Truly, Apple TV is living to the expectation they set right from the start.


wk13-9One statement that Apple TV 3 users are longing to hear is one stating that jailbreak for this device is nearing its final stage. Yes, a new jailbreak solution is now on the works to free Apple TV 3. This has been announced recently by a group of young programmers that is following a positive lead that might end up jailbreaking Apple TV 3. And it’s about time for this iDevice to be enjoyed by thousands of people with are faithfully awaiting for the arrival on jailbreak tool that will help them access Apple TV 3’s system settings.

And although Apple prides itself for having the job done right with respect to other iDevices, hackers and programmers alike did not lose hope. For as long as there is a will to make things happen, then there is a way to make it become a reality. This was how previous jailbreak tools were developed and this is how a jailbreak tool for Apple TV 3 will be created.

Hackers were able to identify the source of its defense – the security attached on the bootrom of Apple TV 3 was designed primarily to defend against any attempts to jailbreak the latest Apple TV version. This was the same path previously utilized by the jailbreak tool for older generations of Apple TV. Therefore, hackers and programmers come into conclusion that another bootrom type of exploits can be done via the Micro USB port during the boot process.

Why is it important?

Apple TV allows its users to access and play the best media one can ever find on 1080p HD content. Such media like movies, music, photos, and many more can be enjoyed right on your widescreen, HD TV. Apple TV 3 users can even have the contents from other iOS devices be played via the AirPlay function using an HDMI cable which can be purchased separately as it is not included on the package.

And there are lots of media to choose from. With iTunes, users can watch movies via streaming on their Apple TV 3. Files registered in iCloud can be downloaded at a later time. It can also be used to show photos saved via Flickr and/or iCloud. And there are lots of options to choose from: WatchESPN, HBO GO, Sky News, Crunchyroll and Qello, depending on the access the user have on these sites.

Parental controls were extended to users that allow them to limit access to Internet.

Current process of download

Initially, iPhone users were wondering where downloaded files are going since Apple TV 3’s storage capacity is way too small. Purchased media is registered with iCloud so the next time you connect with iCloud using any iDevice, you can download and/or upload files for free, without any renewal of subscription.


While there is still no successful jailbreak process for Apple TV 3, it is strongly recommended for people who still have their second generation Apple TV to stay with it. Some sites are claiming to have a complete jailbreak tool for Apple TV 3, yet turns out to be a fluke. So make sure to stay tuned and patiently wait for the real thing – it’s just around the corner.


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